Standards Australia

Register for a Standards Australia public account

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This helps to prevent unauthorised access to accounts.

Why register with the Standards Australia?

By registering you receive a Standards Australia account, which allows you to return at a later stage to submit more comments or review your original entries before officially submitting them.
We also ask you to register so that we are able to contact you if we need further clarification regarding your comments.

What do we do with your information?

We may disclose your information (including your name, the name of the organisation that you represent and any information that you have provided in the form of comment) to technical committee members involved in the development of the relevant standard on which you are commenting and to employees and contractors of Standards Australia Limited. Members of the technical committee will not see your email address, postcode or password details. In the case of joint Australian/New Zealand standards submitted for Public Comment, your information may be disclosed to members of the joint Australian/New Zealand technical committee located in New Zealand and employees and contractors of Standards New Zealand. See Standards Australia's privacy policy and collection notice for more information.